"Small steps can cause radical change."
Koa Halpern

Thanks everyone for your feedback. Here is a small sample of the comments you've sent.

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* My family (hubby and 2 kids) became Fast Food Free in 2009 when you first came out with the two week pledge. We have been Fast Food Free ever since. We have decided to raise our girls in a healthier environment. Thanks for your movement. It has made a big difference in our family. Living better due to Fast Food Free! Thanks Koa! - Camille Dobbs

* Thanks for being a great role model to other kids out there! - Lindsay, Teacher in Hartford, Ct

* Thank you for the excellent presentation at our church. Your organization provides lots of helpful information and links to other websites. Thanks to your Fast Food Free Pledge, my formerly fast-food-loving family has been Fast Food Free for SIX weeks and we plan to continue! - Karen Billings, Denver, CO

* Thanks for doing the presentation. I'm taking the pledge today. I think my family has to change. - 3rd grade student

* As a student, I want to take this challenge so I can be an example to not only my friends but people all over the world. You prove one person's actions can make a difference. - Student Buffalo, New York

* Thanks for suggestions of where our family can eat! We are busy but we don't want to hurt the planet or our health just because we need something quick to eat. We like your website! Thank you! - Elizabeth Meyer

* I am very impressed by your passion to help America eat better. Hearing this message from another kid may have a better impact on those students who are accustomed to eating unhealthy food. - Grace Johnson, Teacher

* Fast Food Free has changed our life. No more drive-thrus! We are eating real food! - Greg Lawson

* Now I know fast food is salt, fat, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup! Yuck that's not for me! I learned as much from you as my teacher! Thanks for visiting our class! - Alisa 4th grade student

* I happily sign this pledge, and look forward to educating my own daughter (she's 8) by showing her your inspiring website! She has a healthy-eating mom, and a not so healthy- eating dad....and she feels torn about whether fast food is "good" or not. I'm glad I'll have information from another kid (i.e. you!) to help her expand her knowledge and view on what is good for her to put in to her body. Thank you and keep up the fantastic, very inspirational work! - Allison Romaine

* I pledge for 365 days! Great cause!!! - Erin Abrams

* I think this is great, and I love helping the environment and animals. I'm going to tell all of my friends about this! Thank you sooo much!!! - Imani Pratt

* I just want to say what an inspiration Koa Halpern is not only to his peers but to everyone. If everybody would do this we will save and help so much. It's not until you see the facts that you realize how much is impacted on the daily life of our world. I will go for 6 months without fast food, and then I will extend to a year. Hopefully I will never eat it again. You should be very proud of your accomplishments now and in the future. - Anastasia Eilering

* Be good to your body, the animals and the planet. Eat real food. - Michael Gross

* I'll avoid all fast food from now on! Thanks for all your hard work. - Stephen Jamison

* With your help, I have been Fx3 (Fast Food Free) for over a year now. In my endeavor to drop the pounds, I learned more about fast food. I was 265. Today I am 191. I'm a proud supporter of this challenge. - John Whiteman

* I'm doing my best for you! (And my thighs thank you - this is good for the environment, but it's also good for ME!) And I'm not doing just the 2 weeks- I'm going for the whole season! That will save room for more Christmas cookies! - Jennifer Roberts

* I am a single parent of two small children. I work and go to classes at community college. Fast food is cheap and easy for me. However, after visiting your site I now know I have to change my routine. I can't rely on fast food any more to feed my kids. My two girls and I will go Fast Food Free Forever. Thanks Koa, you changed our lives. - Montana, USA

* My family will take the pledge. I am trying to teach my son about taking care of animals and the earth so this will be one way to do it. Great job with all your hard work!

* My name is Stacie and I'm a Senior! I love the message you're trying to spread! I'm going to tell my friends and help our planet and its inhabitants to be healthier. Woo-hoo! - Student Portland, Oregon

* I'm a 7th grader. I never thought about how bad fast food is until I saw your website. My mom, dad, grandmother and brother are joining in to be fast food free for two weeks. Thanks! - Student Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

* Yours could be here!!!